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Hi... My name is Rizky Prihanto. You can call me RQ, or Rizky either. I am currently living on Bandung, Indonesia. Had a lot of works and research about Enterprise Information Systems (majoring on education and e-governments). I have bunch of interests (some friends call it 'freakz') about MySQL Opensource Database and now I am one of the administrator of MySQL Indonesia User Group - the opensource community initialized by Sun Microsystems Indonesia.

My Company PT Cinox Media Insani, Bandung, Indonesia. I work here since 2008 and I take responsibility as Chief of Software Architect. My job is about planning, imaginating, fantasy-ing, concepting, and build the infrastructure of the new information systems (or app engines) which going to be implemented.

This blog This is my blog that represent my current opinion, research and experiences about anything in Software Engineering. Written since 2007 (actually) and has been vaccum for a lot of while. And now I wanna ressurrect this blog (optimistically) from the long-long-hibernation with something fresh and new ideas -- still about MySQL, software engineering, development, and may be something managerial here.

About the tagline I've learned the statement above from some paper written by Kent Beck about Extreme Programming (XP) methodology -- some sort of practical software development methods which have no boundaries. That's very inspiring me a lot. I have written some article on this blog that tell my interpretation about that statement here.

My Another Blogs I have classifying my blogs into some sort of genre. The blog that you read here right now is my primary blog that tell you (majoring) about IT stuff. But if you wanna look another side of me, you can visit here, here, here,or here. Hope it'll be interesting for some of you.

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Cara-Cara Membuka Windows Explorer

Sekian cara membuka Windows Explorer:
  1. Start Menu -> Accessories -> Windows Explorer
  2. Bikin shortcut Windows Explorer di desktop atau di Quick Launch trus buka dari sana
  3. Win Key + E
  4. Klik Kanan Start Menu trus pilih Explore
  5. Klik Kanan My Computer trus pilih Explore
  6. Klik Kanan Recycle Bin trus pilih Explore
  7. Win Key + R trus ketik explorer
  8. Dobel klik My Computer trus setelah muncul window, aktifkan navigation pane
  9. Pakae Internet Explorer trus tulis path file kita seperti biasa
  10. Klik menu menu "My Document" atau "My Pictures" di start menu, toh semuanya juga bakal nge-launching Windows Explorer
  11. Win Key + R trus ketik cmd trus ketik explorer
  12. Start Menu -> Accessories -> Command Prompt trus ketik explorer
  13. Lupakan Windows Explorer, aku lebih suka nge-browse file pakai ACDSee
  14. Tambahkan windows explorer di start-up program trus untuk membuka windows explorer lakukan dengan cara restart komputer!
Yang manakah Anda?


Hendra mengatakan...

Point 3..!!!

Anonim mengatakan...

haloo bung start gw kosong ginamna cara buka n6ya?

Anonim mengatakan...

pertama kali kenal komputer pakek poin 1
pernah pakek poin 4 terus setelah lama kenal nya langsung aja pakek poin 3

ada efek psikologis nya yah ^^

logomoo mengatakan...

lebh ke yg point 3.
dlu sempet bngung waktu explorerx gk ad.. ctrl+alt+del file new proses baru dah ktik explore XD

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